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Originally Posted by Draven View Post
Been using it for 4 years. They import my data from last year, they import my trading account data (worth it for this feature only so I don't have any issues figuring out dividend types, etc), and I just plug in my other stuff. Super easy, I get it done in an hour or two.
Yea I noticed the option to import data. That's a very nice feature!

Originally Posted by upstatedoc View Post
we've been using TT for years with no problems until last year when we owed a substantial amount to the IRS.

I think it was because my wife claimed the same deductions as I had (I didn't know till it was too late) but I can't be sure cause I'm not an accountant dude.

So this year I am going to have a friend accountant do our taxes and have him review last years return. If he comes up with the same figures we will probably go back to TT.
I actually plan on doing the same thing as you, well similar. If the figures from my CPA are pretty close to TT, I'll try out TT instead for future ease of use.