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I don't think there is *one* right position on a long trip. I have my seat set per the usual recommendations, but I find I adjust here and there a few degrees as the hours go on. I put the seat back to "normal" when I get there. Changes the pressure points. I have no problem with 10hr drives in my car. About the only reason I wanted power seats. I do think it is a bit criminal that the lumbar adjustment is not standard - at least a manual one.

As for Sport vs. non-Sport, it all depends on how you are built. I simply do not fit in the sport seats, much as I like the idea of them. I'm 6'2" (but 29" inseam), ~350lbs, and VERY broadly built. Basically, I am built like a Gorilla, all torso, no legs, huge shoulders, small butt. My butt fits in the sport seats, but my shoulders sure don't. And my legs are so short the thigh bolster is worthless bordering on counter-productive.

So if you are tall and thin with long legs, or more normally sized and proportioned the sport seats are GREAT! Otherwise try before you buy.

Then there are the seperate issues of the ride of the sport suspension on Maine frostheaves and the annoying staggered tire and wheel sizes.
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