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Originally Posted by Socom View Post
A little water isn't the end all but dirt is a problem. I wonder if the customers who use this shop were burning "red" diesel out of some old tanks. I addition you have to wonder how the sediment is getting ng past the filter. It should be physically impossible unless that pump has a bypass feature. I suspect there's more to the story.
While tank sediment is certainly a real issue esp if a UST is allowed to run near dry, it is my understanding he is speaking more to the issue of higher concentrations of water being found in the fuel for the exact same reason - tanks being allowed to run near empty exposing the "water bottom." Fuel/water seperators that become prematurely clogged/dirty will prove to be ineffective at keeping higher concentrations of water from passing the filter. Certain MY Powerstroke diesel injectors were more sensative to higher concentrations of water, but irrespective of that fact, it does not negate the potential issues high concentractions of water poses for other diesel owners.