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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
And to be clear: Don't bring anything to the track you aren't willing to destroy.
This isn't something that you'd realize without actually tracking your car. 90% of the folks in the advanced groups, are driving junkers that they don't give a dam about. They take the most risks and have the most fun. Prior to taking part in HPDE events, you'd think that what you need to have fun at the track is an expensive car like an M3, GTR, or even ferrari. When you start tracking you realize that everyone in the beginning and intermediate group came with their daily driver, which they bought new, thinking it would be a good track car. Meanwhile the guys in the advanced group have a 10-15 year old modded sports car they don't care about.

You don't know the skill level of folks on an internet forum. Most of them, yourself included are really rookies. Even an expert would have difficulty handling a stock 335I when it snap oversteers. Its just bad advice to tell folks to disable the nannies.
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