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Originally Posted by SpeedOften View Post
How many shots were fired? At least a hundred? We'll say two hundred...

In 10 minutes, that same number of bullets can be shot with your typical 6 round revolver using quick loaders. Magazine capacity will not make a difference. Armed security in or just outside our schools will. Better mental health care will. More Gun control? Will not. These Gun controls are aimed at the people who are following the laws, not the ones who are commiting the crimes - the ones breaking he law. Criminals have already decided to break the law, do you honestly think that by making more gun laws that it will suddenly make them turn in those guns? The criminal will just see this as just more opportunities for him to try and get whatever he is after with less fear of someone protecting themselves against him.

These gun controls are illogical and will not work.

If I dual wield spoons and eat cartons upon cartons of ice cream... Is it the spoons fault for making me fat? Should we ban spoons? That's the kind of logic you are suggesting.
How about tougher punishment for crimes committed with a firearm? What was this crap about the 3 strike rule with crimes committed with a firearm? Why 3 strikes? If someone uses a firearm to commit a crime, throw the effing book at them! If someone loans someone a gun and that person uses it to commit a crime, throw the effing book at both of them! If someone has a firearm stolen and does not report it stolen and that weapon is used in a crime, throw the effing book at the criminal and the person who didn't secure their weapon.

^^ THIS is where new legislation should start!!!!!!

Wanna know why? Because mass shootings account for a very small number of homicides compared to inner-city shootings. Inner-city shooters want to get away with the crime so punishment can be a deterrent. Mass shooters typically want to take people with them. So mass shootings are not something we're going to legislate out of our lives. Mass shootings can be reduced with better mental health care, proper up bringing of children and better security in schools.
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