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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
Yes you will be measuring AC voltage and not the frequency. Think you misunderstood me as i said you'll need a multimeter that can measure ac voltage at 1khz. My point was that the multimeter needs 1khz in its range, i.e able to measure ac voltage at that frequency. Let me explain.

AC voltage is voltage going from positive to negative, i.e alternating current. So it will have a frequency. This is how the frequency of a test tone is reproduced in the driver:
Higher the frequency of the test tone --> the faster the voltage will change from positive to negative at amp output--> faster the driver cone will alternate --> higher audible frequency produced.

Some multimeters can not measure really fast changing voltage, such as 1khz. So you need one that is able to.

Hope thats clearer now.
Got it. That make sense. Funny, that I never thought that way and my voltmeter worked at 1Khz without any trouble.

Appreciate your explanataion