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Originally Posted by yandy View Post
The difference between our front sway and the M3 is not huge, though the M3 is stiffer. But, the difference between our rear sway and the M3 is tremendous. Have you looked at your rear sway? It looks like a spaghetti string, easily bendable with just your hands. It does increase oversteer, but it's not uncontrollable or unpredictable, just need to learn how to drive it that way. It has more potential this way to be faster, but to also spin easier.

It really is night and day with and without LSD. Such a good feeling, I had no idea it'll make this much difference. This is my first car that I track, so had never done events in other cars. I don't know if I can go back to a non-LSD car again.

yes, it looks like it is indeed bigger, however it is hollow, whereas the stock 335I's is solid. I was thinking of going with the hotchicks front and rear sways, but right now, I just want mods that will yield faster times, so I went with nittos, and now the LSD. I'm trying to beat my friends modded M3 dct times this year, which should be no problem since I came real close to his times last year with just the stage 2 tune, and nittos.
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