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New 1/4 mile Personal Best

I signed up for a drag strip rental that took place this past Sunday (Jan. 27, 2013), hoping for some cooler weather. The cooler weather didn't really happen, but I still had a good time. Even managed to get a new personal best.

Car Details: 2009 335i Coupe, Automatic transmission.
Mods: JB4 (8/21/2012 firmware), BMS DCI, and about a 40% E85 mixed with 93 octane.
The car weighed in at 3,532 lbs without me, and 3,732 lbs with me in it. I had a 1/4 tank of gas in the car.
All runs were started in 2nd gear with a brake boost.
I got 21 runs in over the course of the day, letting the car cool for a while in between sets of hot laps. Heat soak was a big issue for me since I had over an hour drive to get to the track and am running the stock intercooler. Most runs were in the 12.4 - 12.6 range, with trap speeds between 106 and 111. The hot air was definitely slowing me down, though. Below are the three best runs of the day for me.

First run of the day ended up being the best. 12.173 @ 109.49 mph. Here's the slip:

Although the slip says it was about a 2000 RPM start, it was probably closer to 2500 as I wasn't paying too much attention to it initially. The DA for this run was about 905 according to the Dragtimes calculator.

The two next best runs were the following:

12.337 @ 109.34 mph


12.299 @ 111.55 mph

The DA on the 12.337 run was around 958 and the DA for the 12.299 run was around 1083.

Overall, the car did pretty well. There were a couple runs that seemed like they were going to go even better, but the car was getting hot and the IAT was getting up around 180 on the top end of the track. Next mod is definitely going to be an aftermarket intercooler.

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