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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
Those 6.5 are still in an 8" (200cm) enclosure; I would recommend pulling them out and dropping an 8 into the enclosure.
Didn't know that... Thanks for the info.

Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Problem is that I keep changing things around.
I have not started my active build yet (would be mak's stage 3 sound system), but it will be pretty much what I have mentioned above.

Also, when you get P80RS, make sure that you update its firmware as new firmware was out few days ago.

I really want P80RS, but I am not sure how much I would gain compared to BMW OEM HU, so started with 88PRS.

I am still waiting for few bits and bobs.

Re: amps, which ever you go for, please make sure that they should be quality amps, otherwise you will not get max out of going active. One example is that if your amps is to produce 20Khz, that means 20K vibrations / secs and just think, how hard is it for amp and a driver.
Cheers Mak, if I may call you that (it's on your siggi). I've been umming and arrrhing at AMPs for ages as you can guess by the thread title. Also been reading the 80PRS manual, it makes more sense now but I think it will be a practical trial once the rig is in the car and I can start playing with settings. The mute function for speaker sets seems like a rather good idea, to isolate your xover points for a freq range.

So here are the freq of the Milles (I'm using this thread to store alot of info for my install, it maybe useful for someone in the future... who knows.)

ML280 - tweets.... 1.8Khz @ 12db (HPF) range from 1.3Khz - 25Khz Approx 100W RMS
ML700 - Hi Mids... 250hz @ 12db (HPF) range from 200h - 14Khz Approx 70W RMS
ML1600 - Mids..... range from 40hz - 7Khz Approx 150W RMS
HX300D - Sub..... range from 28hz - 700hz Approx 600W RMS

So the PRS D420 uses 12db slopes for their cutoffs. And is claimed to have a Freq Response from 10hz to 50Khz (hmmm, thats probably some marketing BS). I think for the power its suited well at 4ch and 2channel.

I've also found this rather useful Wire Gauge Calculator for speaker wires.

Edging Closer to final summary of shopping list.
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