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Car audio upgrade.

So I'm totally impressed with the quality of my audi a8 but I'd like to upgrade the sound system which is the standard set up. Tbh it does sound quite good but I miss the quality of the BMW pro logic set up of my previous cars.

What I'm worried about is the audi is built like a tank and to get to all the speakers the whole front dash ( I think ) would need to come out and the same for door and rear shelf speakers. Am I worrying for nothing letting a firm upgrade the amp and speakers and do you think that for a good installer it should be an easy job?

Secondly I know of a firm ( sextons) in Gloucester that does car audio but does anyone know of an excellent firm in the midlands that could do a professional job without fucking up my car?

What should I be budgeting for a good sound system install , the car has twelve speaker points ?