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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
Doesn't seem like the flex fuel sensor would be that hard, aside from having to add an input to the DME. I agree its probably not going to happen, just asking

I guess my only issue with the load targeting is that the car doesn't seem to make load targets aside from 3500-4500rpm... is that just because of the tiny stock turbos/turbines? Would a Cobb tuned car with large turbos make load targets all the way to redline? If so, then yes I agree with you.
Ohh yeah, definitely nothing wrong with asking. Products only advance when their markets push them to do it.

When you are below load targets how does your requested boost vs boost mean abs look? If you are below boost target then you can a little WGDC into the base table and get actual closer to target. However, like Carl morris just kind of alluded to, i think part of the tuning strategy Cobb uses is to keep load a little under target so as to prevent weird side effects some people are seeing.
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