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Originally Posted by sufchenko View Post
I personally would try out a third car.
Easier said that done! But will be on the list to do if it remains unfixed.

Originally Posted by two,_OH_five View Post
Is the bass actually present despite the noise/distortion? It sounds like a bad enclosure volume and or port - ports can chuff horrible and under damped woffers can bottom out giving the horrible flapping sort of noise

By the way, congratulations on an otherwise fabulous car!

And I would say the bass isn't really that present - once you ask it to be present in a manner that it punches hard, it just farts.

Compared to the Bowers and Wilkins in the Jaguar (and to a lesser extend the HK in the E Class), this B&O just has little depth and virtually no 'punch' that you can feel.

Originally Posted by Bungle009 View Post
Have you had the phase checked out. If the subwoofer is out of phase with the cars speakers you would get cancellation, and it would sound generally unpleaseant ?
No, but I will be flagging this to the dealer to try if the replacement sub doesn't work.

Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
So, what's next Andrew, surely time to move this on by now . The BOSE system in my Datsun is great .

Does sound odd that B&O are being gagged by Merc. Think if I were B&O I'd be massively questionning my relationship with a company who not only gags me but also doesn't allow me to address issues and therefore damaging the reputation of my company. Sounds odd to me.
Is the BOSE really that good? I ask because the Bose I heard in the GT-R was poor. Saying this, it was poor because it lacked punch but at least it didn't distort. BOSE in Maserati was similar. However, in my Porsche BOSE was pretty good so they can get it right.

Not sure whats next - I absolutely love the car so swapping it for something else, save for another SLS with just the basic HK system, is not an option for me. Chuck some money at it (instead of you ) and get it done in the aftermarket - I've already made first moves down that route as I'm fully expecting it to come back the same as it went in!

Finding a used SLS without B&O is hard because the people that buy new SLS's tend to spec the 5k option because they can afford it and because it's 'the best'. To be honest, I'd probably do the same on the strength of the B&O brand name so I can hardly blame them.

Maybe an option is to really push Mercedes into finding me an example without B&O, but then the rest of my car spec-wise is perfect.

Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
.....ignored our advice on how best to install our in car audio and use the name B&O to add value to what is already a highly desirable car.
I bet this isn't far from the truth based on conversations I've had with one of their development drivers and how they can easily ignore good recommendations.

Originally Posted by dobbo99 View Post
its disappointing to see that despite the huge premium it takes to obtain a car such as the SLS, it still has its problems. for a car of that value, id expect perfection, and I would imagine you do as well.

however, having read your threads from the past, your a man of means and persuasion - im sure you will reach a satisfactory outcome!
Yep, this is 100% proof that spending this kind of money doesn't always buy the best. Is there actually a more expensive optional car audio system out there than the 5.1k of this B&O one?

The 'free' Bowers and Wilkins in the Jaguar is in another league, as are all the HK systems I've had, BMW's Individual etc etc.

Originally Posted by Rudz View Post
Could I ask, would u not be able to reject what seems to be a very expensive optional extra if it doesn't meet your expectation? and have merc compensate you for having to replace it? £5k is a lot of money for a substandard audio setup?
Hard to reject an integral part of the car, unless I reject the whole car which i don't want to do.

Yes, I could maybe shoot for some money back but it's only good if I can utilise that money to get a system that works to my satisfaction. Getting a refund and living with a sub standard system is not the outcome I want.

Originally Posted by rich1068 View Post
Mr Nuts,

This has to stop. So I had a rattle, you had a rattle. I get a new car, you get a new car. Now you're trying to get ahead of me with this whole 'my music sounds funny' thing. It's not going to wash because every car dealer in the country now has a picture of you posted up in their staff area. Next to mine. And not even waiting for my replacement to be delivered is just unsportsmanlike. I have a list of faults I intend to find/imagine but at least wait until I've got the bloody car!

Just stop it.



Love it But you missed a key fact....I always had the first rattle So, it is thee who is following need to find your own problems
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