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Fault 2a99?

Hey guys, so a couple months back i was getting onto the 5 north from down near the border and was feeling like going fast so stomped down the pedal and let my car go, got up pretty fast before my service engine light came on (making me look very dumb), after pulling off to the side of the road i noticed the engine vibrate in a really odd way and the car itself shook while idling. it also sounded more like a quiet diesel engine than a gas engine. i took the risk of turning it off and turning it on only to correct the problem. several months later and a trip all the way to texas and back (put about 3400 miles on it) i havent had a single problem until today when the same thing happened only it was after i started the car up. i tried restarting it a few times but to no avail. from the looks of things the original fault that happened the first time (forgot the code) mentioned VANOS solenoid and the most recent fault indicated a crankshaft timing issue which was fault 2a99, from most of what i've read it sounds like it could be this VANOS solenoid issue, any second opinions?