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Advice on bring car to stealership on possible turbo seals

Need advice on bringing in car to dealership. This would be the 2nd time bringing it to the dealership. Almost got shafted $550 for diagnostic fee on headlights that weren't covered by CPO the first time. Recently put on catless downpipes and been getting smoke out the back. From reading threads i think that maybe that turbo seals are going out. I have e90 with 82k with CPO warranty until end of march 2013. I'm planning on making a video of the smoke to show them, tell them i'm losing oil/coolant and putting OEM dps back on. The only thing i'm afraid of is that when i put back the OEM dps (which does not produce smoke) and they say nothing is wrong with it i'm stuck with a diagnostic fee for nothing. Car is running strong and no other problems I can think of.

feedback appreciated! thanks