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Originally Posted by AllBlackBimmer View Post
... i thought the water that "drips down the shaft" was the water coming from airfilter housing?

where else is this water coming from that is going to ruin my blower? i understand it could just be condensation but seems that can't be THAT much condensation to ruin the blower.

...still looking for suggestions on where to buy, and "what" exactly.. i know i need the blower, what about the plugs and wires and whatnot?
Think about it for a second. There is always water vapor in the air. The air gets compressed when it is blown in to the fan box. This squeezes some of the water vapor out of the air. Over time it gets the bearings wet. The blower works all the time and in the rain when the air is highly saturated with water, keeps the motor wet. Throw in freezing temperatures where the water freezes in the bearings and then you really have a lubrication issue.

Had BMW put the blower in a horizontial position the water would not penetrate the bearings. It's just a bad design. Look up your car on real use the last 7 of your vin and get the P/N for the motor. You swap over the resistor pack and need no new connectors or wires.