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Gas Cap Rattling from Bass

So I've searched, read alot about people with a similar problem, and found no solutions yet. I've got a single 12" subwoofer in my trunk that sounds great and has a wonderful bass response. That said, it rattles the living crap out of my gas cap, to the point where I can hear the rattling from inside the car with the windows closed. My trunk itself doesn't rattle. My license plate doesn't even rattle, amazingly. It's all the fuel door going completely freakin' insane. I rest my finger on the door, and the rattles go away and the car sounds perfect.

I've tried facing the sub directly towards the cabin (no folding seats or ski pass), and it doesn't help. Due to the wires and the fact that it's night, I haven't experimented with more placements of the sub yet. So with all that, anyone found a solution yet? I'm seriously, genuinely considering adding velcro pads next to the spring loaded latch to hold it.
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