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Originally Posted by CT335xi View Post
Its going to help alot. I'm not saying it combated the high temps directly, but seeing that your iat's got really high the ecu will start pulling alot of timing and the e85 may help out there because its more resistent to knock. good luck next time at the track.
Ah. I hear what you're saying. That very well could have been the case. Next time I go to the track I should have a laptop so I will be able to take some logs. I'll have an intercooler on the car by then as well.

Originally Posted by Wes335XI View Post
Impressive and congrats. I run 12.5 @ 111mph, amazing how little it takes to get the rwd going vs the AWD.

Meth would be a better option I think. Would keep temps down, but the inter cooler and down pipes helps too.
With the XI you should be able to 60' like a beast though, right?

As for meth, I want to see what I can get out of the car with bolt ons only, especially since I have E85 readily available. Also, I don't really know if I want to mess with meth injection. There always seems to be some kind of problem with the systems and that would be just one more thing to worry about and trouble shoot.

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