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Originally Posted by slowturbo View Post
Hey guys,

I currently have a 2011 328xi with a little over a year left on my lease. Some things have changed at work regarding my commute, etc. and I was thinking about financing a CPO'd 135 or 335 so I do not have to worry about mileage or any changes I make to the car (plus more power ). Has anyone given in their leased car early to finance a used car from BMW? Were they forgiving in terms of releasing you from the lease? If so, what deals were you offered. Thanks again for the help. If it does not make financial sense, then I will just keep my car for the duration and buy something once the lease term is over.
You will owe them all remaining payments. Try Leasebusters or equivalent .I just went through this. Couldn't get anyone to assume the lease because BMW keeps discounting cars and offering lower and lower lease rates soicouldnt compete. I tried selling it but BMWs residuals are inflated so car wasn't worth anywhere near ($8,000) what I owed them. You made a commitment to pay for a certain portion of that cars life and they will hold you to it otherwise they will lose large. You may be able to get a month or two out of them but it has to come from somewhere like the discount on new car. Sorry for the bad news.
I always take a four year lease to keep payments down and always manage to qet out after three. This was my first hiccup. I had a 2000 323ci that BMW took back even. 3 series coupes were in high demand.