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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
Just off the top of my head the 240SX. There's countless companies making parts and having services to build the factory KA motor or swap in the SR20 (OEM engine for the 240 everywhere except the US), other Japanese motors like the JZ series, RB series, VH, VQ, 7M, 1UZ, 13B, and even the American LS series. For every motor I listed, people make mounts, wiring harnesses, conversion lines, brackets, etc. Then there's suspension. Again, a ton of companies make every possible part for the car's multi-link front and rear suspension from adjustable arms, solid/poly bushings, etc. And companies also make conversion parts so you can swap in different parts from other vehicles like subframe swaps, 300zx 5 lug hubs, skyline brakes, etc. Then for the exterior there's a ton of makers of bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, fenders, hoods. And you can even buy conversion fenders, hoods, and trunks so you can do exterior conversions too like interchanging different model 240 headlights, G35/350Z and skyline front and rear conversions. I'm probably missing some stuff but this is just while I'm in class.
Not even close. Mustangs have several popular magazines devoted to just modifying them. You can buy anything for a foxbody mustang even brand new restoration parts. Can you buy a brand new door panel for a 240 ? They have bolt in ls1's one kits, V10's, turbo four cyclinders, and more. They make suspensions for any type of racing. Anything you can buy for a 240sx they have made for mustangs for over 15 years.

A 240 doesn't even compete with civics as far as aftermarket support. It will never be able to compete with cars that are way more abundant.

If your in class it must be a generation thing but the foxbody mustang is the most supported car ever made.