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lol, well I mean he doesn't want to spoil me. He always told me the importance of earning things on my own, which is why I don't really get to touch much of his money. I mean he pays for my education, I lived in his house, and he fed me. I consider myself lucky that he even pays for my college tuition and even bought me a car, let alone a BMW. I only have to pay my own rent in my little overpriced studio apartment. I'd say he's done enough for me.

In the other thread I made with the Ferrari, someone asked me "when do you get the keys" and I just replied that I probably when I'm much older. My dad loves to preach that there are very few joys in life that are better than acquiring things that I worked hard for.

I'd love for one of those cars to be here in LA though...haha
We need more people like you and ur father. I know a lot of younger folks whose parents are loaded because of their parents hard work and their kids are spoiled so they never understand the meaning of hard work! I can tell your gonna be succefull because of the way u have been brought up. I wold have been tempted to ask my dad for a super car though hahah by saying that, would u guys adopt me? lol