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Originally Posted by mose121 View Post
My VIN is WBSKG9C53DJ593894. Although I'll have to think about it as I'm not sure I want it to be active all the time. Even though you didn't have the button on the turn signal stalk (although I'm sure that could be installed/coded as well), wouldn't you have the option to disable in the lighting settings in the iDrive?
But you are talking about the electrochrome feature or the FLA?
Electrochrome is always activated (I tought you was refearing this)

But FLA is NOT always activated. It is activated in this case:
You have the light knob in 'A' mode
You have it activate at the idrive
You push the light stalker (like if you want to switch your high beam on usually)
In this case, you will notice an 'A' at the dash screen and the system starts to work.

You can also deactivate it pushing again your BC stalker or you can totally disable it at iDrive or changing your light knob from 'A' to other position.

Why don't do it by your self?
Retrofitting is always possible!