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I decided to give this cable a try for my 10/07 built e90. Mine came with the white board and I'm disappointed to say I can't get it to work. I tried Phil Harlow's setup with the latest drivers. I tried the included programs and drivers. I tried on an XP laptop and on a Win 7 32 bit laptop. Couldn't get passed trying to communicate with the airbag. At least I got it with free shipping and I will be taking advantage of the free return to Amazon. One interesting observation, with the latest setup via Mr. Harlow the LED was green until I had it attempt commo with a module, then the LED would turn off. The only way to get it back on was to unplug it from the car and computer and plug it back in. With the included software and drivers the LED was orange until I plugged it into the car, then it would turn green. It stayed green during attempted module commo but still didn't work.