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Aircon woes...

Just when I thought everything was sorted on the 05 320i, the air-conditioning started playing up. Sometimes - more often than not - when the car is started there is no cooling of the ventilation air. When it first happened I had the pressure tested and it measured perfect with no leaks in the system.

The system works, either 100% or not at, next I took the car to BMW and the service man said he had seen it before but as far as he could tell it meant replacing either the compressor or the climate control computer. Both which cost the price of two kidneys & a lung.

An independent a/c specialist told me its likely the "compressor control valve" that has become intermittent or sticky, however they don't replace the valve separately but would install a new or recon compressor (also at a hefty cost)

I have since figured out a way to "fix" the cooling is while driving, to gear
the car down until the engine revs at 5500-6000 rpm and keep it there for a few seconds. Usually then the cooling returns and works perfectly until the engine is switched off.

Has anyone seen this before and what should be done??
Please comment...