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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
You still have a crossover, it is your amp high-pass. The Hybrid will take 100W plus but it is a little smaller than the others, hence the 185Hz HP recommendation. Like has been said, power ratings should not fall heavily into your decision.

I am partial to the HAT midrange, although I have not heard the regular L3.

However, one crucial consideration should be midrange/tweeter crossover point. The midrange on the side you're sitting is 60 or more degrees off-axis which means you're affected by cone beaming and some of the higher frequencies just won't reach your ears directly. Therefore, you want to pass off the signal to the tweeters as low as possible. I don't know where you got those crossover figures but the Morel HO II from what I remember has a crossover point of around 2200 Hz which is as low as I've seen.

I personally would not go any higher than 3500 Hz (My Rainbow crossovers are 3400 Hz), and 5000 is definitely way too high for my liking.

Edit: Why are you not looking at Rainbow?
Can I kindly ask, why did you change your legatia drivers?

I get you what you are saying on crossover points. Values have been taken from Morel's catalogue (where it gives you all details), and stand correct as per Morel's specifications.

One benefit of going active would be having more control on crossover points.

What Rainbows are you talking about?

I started this thread inclined toward L3 but after discussion with few others, I am getting inclined toward Morels.