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Originally Posted by mrunella View Post
Good Evening!

Alright last question and then hopefully close up this thread.

Ordered the rims today from a good friend in SD, CA that could get his hands on what I was looking for.

Ended up with the M3 CSL Matte Black, 19x8.5 38mm off set (Front). and 19x9.5 38mm off set (Rear)

With that being said I have known him for years but heres where I will argue with him and would like all your thoughts. He is telling me to run with a 255-30-19 Rear because the 265 will rub? Anyone had this. Im running a 07 335i with Sport Package RWD. Would really like to get the 265 on there but last thing I want to do is rub.

Thoughts and then I will shut up! Really appreciate everyones help on this. Learned more about wheels, rims, sizes, etc then I ever thought I would.

265/30/19 or even 275/30/19 will fit.