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The BOSE in the 350z was utter shite. Really really flat. A bit of bass and pretty loud but it just sounded like everything was being remastered down to 92kbps or something. Like listening to an audio casette!

I have also heard it in several Audi's and found it equally as shite.

I think comparing BOSE to a B&O system is something that would only be done by someone either biased, or that hasn't heard a B&O system.

Andrew's B&O being a possible exception as it's got problems at present of course.

In my experiences within 6 or 7 cars: Bose is alot better than bone standard but alot worse than almost any aftermarket setup or any reputable hifi maker.

If I compare say an Audi TT (Circa 2010) with an E92: I'd put the Bose on terms with the alpine upgrade perhaps, but not as good as HK and nowhere NEAR individual (which still only costs half of the B&O system in Andrew's car.)
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