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Originally Posted by Potty_Pants View Post
I purchased the tire protection from another dealership $425 or so.

ended up hitting hole at the mall and it cause a bubble... the warranty people covered the replacement tire 100% no problems... just paperwork BS....

now the 2nd time i rode over a highway reflector and it F'd my car up. punctured the rim& tire (quarter size hole). they tire warranty company dicked around with the paperwork twice as much and ended up screwing me out of 100% of the replacement cost of the tire/rim and balance work... they ended up paying 60% or so stating.... "in their computer the tire...wheel was worth $168 and $250" . The rim was ordered direct from the dealer $450 or so.

still i came out ahead and would buy it again for expensive runflat tires with the propensity to bubble. but for regular NON runflat tires ... naw.

Why didnt you just buy it from your regular Dealer? I guess you saved a little $.................