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Originally Posted by DarkNemesis View Post
Cause my issue is jerking like a misfire that does not get a code.
As If the car loses power for a 0.5 sec then normal.

Multiple threads suggest injector changing to updated once.

Dealer and some here state a common solution of walnut blasting.

So 1 person stated his issue in the last thread.
Some asked me to search for it.
Believe me, I have search everywhere including n54.

Commonly people state the buildup as a common issue, and we just have to deal with it, when it comes up....great...I am good with that.

But my is at the stealership, and I don't want to pay for a diagnostic and walnut blast cost if it does not solve my issue, hence, why I feel, people should know, and me...
Wtf, is the issues related to carbon build up.

Sorry if I asked again.
Don't feel it was answered.
Trust your dealer/indy. If they do walnut and it doesnt solve anything then talk to them. You obviously arent going to get a straight answer here.