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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
True enough, I should have added a 4th bullet point (no pun intended).

Of course, it must be pointed out that plenty of weapons and drugs are smuggled into Canada too (probably a big demand going north considering the more restrictive laws)

Despite that, the fact remains the body count is far less. Just because there is a leak at the perimieter doesnt mean it's not effective to limit supply into general circulation via other, initially legal, means.

Well, I havent heard any logical justification for the rifle-oriented approach to restrictions, when handguns do harm more. Obviously I'm not privy to gov discussions behind closed doors.

I'm familiar with the theory that such a focus is part of the conspiracy to keep Joe Citizen less able to defend himself. However, the same type of people asserting that, are also quick to point out the Giffords shooting, Virginia Tech, and the Newtown shooting, were all done with handguns, not rifles. If I wanted to convince others that by taking my rifle, they gov is leaving me weaker than if they took my handgun, I wouldnt be pointing out how 1 person can effectively use handguns to kill dozens of people in a short time...

A logical explanation that I HAVE heard for the magazine restriction (independantly of whether it's a rifle or hand gun mag), is that in the Giffords shooting, he used a Glock 19 with a 30-round mag. Including 1 in the chamber, he got off 31 shots, and it was when he fumbled while ejecting the mag and trying to reload that he was tackled and stopped. These 31 rounds hit 19, killing 6. The supposition is that had he been limited to a 7 round mag, then he would have hit 7 max, not 19, and the fatality count could have been less. No guarantee of that of course, those 7 shots could have killed 7 instead of 6, and certainly there's no guarantee that he still would have fumbled the switch of a smaller, lighter mag as badly, creating an oppotunity to be tackled. But still, the theory is not totally devoid of logic, at least in that instance.
A 7, 10, or 15 round magazine is going to be easier to change than a 30 round mag in a glock 19, at least imo...

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