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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
It could be a combination of things to include lack of maintenance by filling stations and or owners. However, the indication is that it is more than that. Owners did not just wake up one day and decide they were going to stop performing maintenance. There have already been numerous reports of injector failures on 335d's. Could these cases be from lack of maintenance? Not likely considering most occured while under warranty and within the free service period.

This thread is about awareness. We can hypothosize all day long as to reasons for the spike in injector failures this shop has experienced. The shop foreman/owner gave his opinion, which sounds logical to me, so it is up to you decide, take it or leave it.
Awareness that bad fuel happens? I agree but to take it further as meaning we all need to spend $$ on additional filtration because BMW didn't plan for this contingency is a bit of a stretch. Happens all the time on the internet. One random event is transformed into an everday occurance which dealt with. Ranks up with the BMW engines sludge up.