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Originally Posted by holmes011 View Post
my question is will this work? I've searched and i can't find anything that has definitively confirmed this. What i have found are a bunch of arguments of what is better, IS or BMW PE. Having never heard a PE exhaust i can't compare but I've heard an IS and it sounds amazing to me. I was wondering if anyone has done this and can tell me if a 335 with IS mufflers (like the ones sold by tischer) sounds just like the 335IS? Any insight is appreciated. To me it seems that i'd be perfectly fine with it sounding like an IS, i don't care about the noise level, I'm more interested in the noise itself. On top of that it seems well worth it to go IS mufflers since it is half the price of the PE exhaust.
I've actually been considering doing this as well since I happen to have an extra driver's side "is" muffler sitting around. Would just need to buy a passenger side muffler.

Is your car an E90? If so, then it probably won't fit or sound like a 335is. Whether your car is XDrive or not shouldn't matter, but the exhaust tips are usually longer on E92 Coupes . So you might need to cut down the pipes before the tips so it looks right.

Other than that, the E90 sedans have a resonator that makes them quieter than the E92/E93, which have an X-pipe instead. To get a true 335is sound, you'd need to remove the E90 resonator and install an X-pipe in it's place. If you've ever compared the exhaust sound of a regular 335i coupe and sedan, that's the reason the coupe's are always louder.

If you try it out let us know. I would have done it already, but I hate the "sleeve" clamps BMW provides to swap mufflers. I would have my exhaust guy weld them in for me for a factory look and fit. That's just me, though.