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Originally Posted by Wes335XI View Post
I had an easier time hitting a 1.60 60' in my STi than with the 400WHP AWD BMW, because of the automatic. If I could get my 60's down I could get a low 12, but the car weighs 4,050 pounds without me in it. That's a lot of mass to get moving down the track lol.

Meth is easy with the BMW and with the right software. The JB4 does everything for you and the fail safe is built in. It's a beautiful system. So much easier than the stuff I had to deal with my old STi. The main point of the 50/50 meth is for cooling purposes to pull more timing. In your case considering how hot it is I think it would be beneficial. It also cleans your motor.
Wow! 4,050 lbs without you in it! Is your car a convertible as well? A buddy of mine went with me with his 2011 335i Vert and he weighed in at 3,955 lbs without him in it (4,166 lbs with him in it).

I may very well end up running meth in the future, but I want to see how the car does with the bolt ons only first. I'm a bit of a power/speed junkie, so meth is definitely not out of the question.

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damn. Nice run with just DCI, JB4 and E85 mix!
Very impressive 60' times with cheapo tires too!

Thanks! The tires are pretty crappy. I drive so much that I needed something with a longer treadlife as I was burning through sets too quickly. The down side of that is that they are not as sticky (on the street or on the track).

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Congrats on the new times....time for an FMIC

I was debating about going on Sunday, so I took advantage of the Friday weather before that Sunday.

Sad I couldnt make it, but I am happy to see a bimmer brother made the best out of it.
Thanks, bud.