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Originally Posted by Dan-danGT View Post
I have a 08 330d auto, i have had it two weeks just over, and i think its bad of fuel. but its getting better, i think its my driving style as i have never owned an auto. I measured it tank to tank it managed 31mpg and on the i drive did 30mpg, probably 50/50 town and dual carriageway driving.

I have got low coolant temp also, 79c is about all it manages no matter how fast or slow i drive, so its booked in for AUC to sort my low coolant temp. Also noticed mine after a 20-30 mile drive pulling up to a stop it misfires slightly and the rev counter bounces about abit. Hopefully everything is linked and bmw find a fault which helps my mpg
what did AUC say? I noticed my 330d this week had started bouncing on idle, (slightly misfiring).
I went to Williams BMW in Manchester today and explained that my temps didnt go above 80 regardless of driving style or duration and they just rung me back saying they've tested it and the thermostats are operating correctly for the current climate?

I thought the whole point of a thermostat was to maintain the temperature of the engine regardless of current climate? Any ideas?? They did however say i had a faulty glow plug control unit which will be replaced under warranty.

Does anyone know if 90 degrees C is definitely the operating temperature?