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Sounds more like a PWM issue with your car honestly. Did you every try running them directly off the battery?

Originally Posted by GarageKeptE92 View Post
I'm an avid believer that you get what you par for is right most of the time. After reading a thread like this about a year ago on a different forum I said for the money let me find out what is the deal with these HID Kits from DDM Tuning. Needless to say I was disapointed out of the gate. I installed them. The first time out they flickered and I had to shut them off and turn them back on. They fired up shortly after. All seemed well. A couple months down the road I had the same problem and they wouldn't turn on. I had to turn them off and on and they would eventually go on. This got to the point where I had to habitually turn the headlights on and off before they would turn on. I went through there troubleshooting process and it seemed to stem from a bad bulb as I switched ballast and not the bulbs and the problem still remained on one side. So I went through the process of getting a warranty claim through, and I had to pay the shipping charges. I got the new bulb and everything seemed fine. Then no more then a week later that same side wouldn't turn on. Troubleshooted again, and it seemed it was the ballast as I switched ballast and it worked. I cut my losses right there and through the damn things out. I can read 100 more reviews of peoples HID kits working from DDM tuning. I'm normally a busy person throughout the day and I dont like taking up my spare time to troubleshoot HID's every other week. I'll stick with a more reputable company and pay a few extra dollars. You have to ask yourself why they are so damn cheap if everyone else charges nearly 2x more.