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I didn't take time to read all the comments, but I want to suggest to all the liberal ban-large capasity, AR style rifle, anti-gun people out there to take this ONE challege. Its SOOOO simple anyone can do this.
Take ANY AK-15 rifle with any special attachments and have it carry, heck make it, 500 rounds of ammo. Load it full and one in the chamber, take the safety off, set it on the dining room table of YOUR house. Sit in the same room with it for 2 hours, then go see if it ran off down the road and started killing people! I will GUARANTEE you with MY life, the gun never moved one inch! It never fired ONE round by itself!
This STUPID president and these IGNORANT liberal politicians have no clue about anything, much less what the 2nd amendment REALLY means. The 2nd amendment is there to protect the people to secure a FREE state and shall not be infringed. its there to protect people from their own government! If you don't beleive this then you still feel we should be part of England and a monarchy. Look at Hilter after he declared guns illegal to normal people, look at the crime rate in England after their gun bans.
Yes I live in Texas, I own guns(plural) I have a concealed handgun license, and carry a pistol all the time, and I dare Obama to tell me to give up my guns.

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