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Originally Posted by hun77777 View Post
Complete AP racing kit for right about 3k is BARGAIN!!! if it were brembo GT kit, it would've been sold on the day it was posted. These performs as good, if not better (not one of those cheaper-end BBK)... These are not red or yellow, screaming "look at me I have BBK" neither, which i like (i know it's personal preference... flame suit on )... it still gets job done...

Hell, i would've bought it in a heart beat if i didn't have my brake job just done for like 1k (yes STOCK OEM pads, rotors, etc) but i know i would get next to nothing if i were to sell that back on here so i'll most likely just keep it...

Best wish to OP to sell it. I think the price is more than fair... economy must be really bad...
thanx dude...glad i am having some people who r more reasonable and mature than others~ and a a person who understands this product