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Paul DLF

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E92 320i problems

Hi All,

I'm a newbie here and would appreciate any help/advice regarding my E92 320i. I've read a lot about the engine issues in the forum and so I was hoping that you may be able to give me some advice.

On 12th December 2012 I purchased a 2009 320i highline coupe with efficient dynamics from a BMW Main Dealer. It was a very clean one owner car with full history and only 14,000 miles. From day one it has been sluggish, juddery and averaging only 34mpg. I should say that I bought the car over the internet from a dealer many miles away. On 7th January I contacted the supplying dealer to detail the problems and they suggested I took it to my local BMW dealer. The local dealer booked it in but would not do a warranty repair because it required a software update and de nox which apparently should have been done by the supplying dealer. I am in the process of arranging for this to be done.

So my question is after the denox and software update, what warranty work should I expect to be done to fix the problem please? Is it just coil packs or is it likely to need injectors too? Also is there any way of knowing whether the poor running would have adversely affected the catalytic converter? Lastly, I'm presuming that once these fixes have been done it's likely to be OK for the long term?

Other than the engine issues, it's a lovely car and I just want to make sure it's fixed properly while I still have plenty of BMW Approved Used Car warranty left!

Thanks in advance for your help.