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Originally Posted by verysideways View Post
So you stole my wheels!
Kidding - you beat me to it by a good few days

You could make me feel better by posting a few more photos though. As Dave had already sold you these i've ended up buying a set from Germany, just waiting for them to arrive now. Planning to go 225/235 on summers.
I might get some photos in some snow this weekend, we'll see.

Clearance in the rear with 235 should be OK, though bear in mind the offsets are ET20 on an 8J rim, compared to e.g. rear 225M ET39 9J wheel - the latter is 25mm wider, but with 19mm more offset, so sticks out approx 7mm less than the basic 270M rim (before taking tyre into account)

I think they look really good, better than the 225M which I also really like.

Hopefully they'll fit my F31 x-drive 330d too....
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