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Originally Posted by peterg1965 View Post

Garage is looking good too!
Thanks - it's getting there! I've now fitted (basic) heating....consisting of two ceiling mounted fans like you'd get above some shop entrances. Warmed it up nicely even on the coldest day

And as you can see, the centre pillar is now removed (with new lintel put above the door) and nice big electric door fitted.

Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
I though Vicki was getting a 'vert but obviously got mixed up somewhere. Now, stop spending your money!!!

It's amazing how long you hold onto somethi when you are contractually forced too
No, we needed something mildly practical so I can send her to the wholesalers to buy vending machine stock. Yep....I really do delegate that lovely job to her

Originally Posted by briers View Post

Probably one of most sensible purchases you have made considering what you got it for.

A girl getting out of an SLS gullwing, thats going to turn heads. I bet she's over the moon and you are a brave man but i'm sure she is used to your OCD by now and knows not to park it anywhere risky.
She knows not cause damage to it. She just knows! She actually craps herself given the SLS's forged wheels are 2.5k each but then she sort of likes it too. I trust her....she's very careful and for putting up with me, she deserves it

It may rank as one my 'better' purchases but not in comparison to the RRS (see below). Even with 9k discount it was still a 38k car which is just about to be facelifted. If I want out in a year, it could still drop 10k

Originally Posted by RockIt View Post
Looks great in white! Finding mine a pig to keep clean at the moment though.

An interesting write up and much of what you say is true of my C350. I very nearly went for the E Class, but the slightly more angular, sharper edges of the C appealed.

Overall I'm very impressed with the balance of comfort, (sadly lacking in my TTS), handling and power in my first Mercedes and looking forward to exploring it a little more as the weather improves. I also particularly like the hold function and the stop start is extremely smooth. So far I can't fault the build quality of mine, it is rattle free, feels well put together and from the driver's seat it seem sufficiently special inside for a mainstream coupe. DAB radio is a joy and the Harmon Kardon is excellent. Let's hope the positivity continues!
I didn't realise there were more Merc owners on here now than Audi! Things move on quick don't they?

Originally Posted by Sportplus View Post
I give it 6 months top's!!!
No comment

Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
The back left seatbelt is twisted .......... how on earth can you drive a car with that being out of place
I am actually ashamed and mortified that I didn't see that and have just popped out to correct it

How the hell I missed that in real life AND in the photo's I don't know....but then I've been in my own sorry world moping bout the SLS's speakers this week

Originally Posted by scottc View Post

Great write-up as always, I really really like that and I can honestly say I would have one. I have always liked the coupe and I really do think that Merc have come along way.

I will be interested in seeing what it's like in 6 months, I was put off a little when heard about some of the rattles in Merc's. Knowing how fussy you are it must be good

Like the garage as well..
Let's hope the build stays the same in 6 months as it is VERY good. It must be for me to be so happy with it - in most cases, even brand new cars have some sort of noise or creak or click or tapping or...something, just somehting that I don't like. Not this one, not yet anyway

Originally Posted by scooba0010 View Post
Fantastic write up as usual

I was interested to read about the minimal depreciation on the Range Rover Sport.

A friend off ours purchased one Brand new and it lost 20k in its first year ,Im sure I posted on here about it as he went straight out and bought a new x6 ,I thought that could be even worse but he still has it after 18 months

Is the secret buying a used RRS ?. Or has something changed in the last 18 months .
ABSOLUTELY! The list price on our RRS was something like 62k and I paid just over 40k after 15 months and 17k miles. So that first owner lost more than 20k, depending what discount they got on it in the first place (well, they didn't because it was a JLR management car).

The mileage was just short of 30k when I sold it (so I did 13k in 6 months in that car alone and I didn't even go abroad in can see why I needed something that did more than 23mpg!). I lost 3k'ish on it which I think is a bargain considering the type of car and the use I had out of it!

So, I guess the message is don't buy a new RRS!

Must remember that. Must remember that. Must remember that
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