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I'm 37 so I do remember when diesels were rubbish. But now they're not rubbish so that's fine. You have to move with the times.

Like someone else said, electric will be the next thing and I'll happily move over to that. The thing is, if you compare electric cars against diesel or petrol cars then it makes both of them seem almost identical. Both explode some oil based liquid in cylinder, wasting a large amounts of energy through heat and sound. If you think about it, both are such old technology. We drive around with our GPS guidance, heads-up display, radar controlled cruise control yet under the bonnet is something which hasn't changed for a 100 years.

But, to me, I don't care what fuel I put in the car, I just like cars and good performance. This time I went for a diesel because the feeling of performance was cheaper to achieve.

If money was no object I'd get a powerful petrol engine because they sound better and rev longer.

Having said that, I'd often wondered what it would be like to put a petrol rev counter in a diesel car and recalibrated it so 5k revs showed 7k. I wonder how many people, if you stuck some loud music on would be able to work out the car was a diesel?

I mean, in 3rd, my car can accelerate strongly from 30mh to well over the the legal limit - so the old reputation that in dervs you have to change gear all the time isn't always true.... you really can get close to that long hard in gear acceleration feeling.

So no, it's not an age thing to me, I just see what's available and choose the one that feels best at the time.
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