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Originally Posted by lem144 View Post
Um, where I live, in MA, I drive with my eyes glued 5' in front of the car (terrible, instead of looking straight ahead) because I am paranoid of all the potholes. Even doing this, I manage to hit a good pothole at least once every couple of months. In the 5 years I've had my car I've had numerous bent rims and bubbles. Had the tire/wheel warranty for the first 4 years and now it's all out of pocket.

High-performance/low-profile fancy wheels have no place in New England no matter how careful you are. But I still love em.
Maine is no better, I spend plenty of time in Boston, as I work for a company in Waltham. See my comment about fashion victim wheel sizes. Wheels need to be big enough to clear the brakes, and that is about it. I run 16's in the winter and 17's in the summer, and never an issue.

The 3rd gen (?) runflats the new cars come with seem to be MUCH better than the older ones all around, including the issues with bubbling. Also interesting that BMW has jacked up the recommended tire pressures considerably - my '11 has a sticker on the door jamb with the new recommendations that superceed the manual. I suspect this will help as well. Still, my car will get non-RFT when the time comes, they are just too expensive.
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