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Originally Posted by Got_Diesel View Post
Correct. If the intake gets clogged with snow, the other warm air intake opens and lets air in. I believe VW does this too.
Thanks for the confirmation, gd! At first, I wasn't sure what you meant by it "being for snow". I thought you were alluding to the foam and got a bit confused

Originally Posted by sohcpunk View Post
I wonder how the dealership will take this when they change out your filter to find it's been "modified". Wouldn't they note it down and if something were to happen to the engine in the future deny warranty?
I have a spare one in the garage that I can always toss in. If you are in- warranty, then they would have to prove that this caused the failure (highly unlikely). If out of warranty, then it may cost you some leverage when looking for concessions.

You are not removing any filtration capability by removing the foam and the actual filtration media is the pleated paper filter behind the foam. Te only thing you may be doing is causing the filter to load more quickly as you are reducing the surface area (but the foam is porous enough that it is really only catching the big bits). If they were smart enough, they would likely feed you some bologna about how the foam disrupts the cavitation of airflow in order to more evenly disperse the air over the filter media and allow more regular flow over the MAF (but this would be bologna), especially considering that they have many other vehicles with newly identical box design and only a paper filter (no foam).

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