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Try swapping those ^^ two. I just installed mine today (waiting on the LCI headlights to show up tomorrow), and I followed the instructions off of DistantXtreme's site, and they were the same as what you mentioned with the exception of those two wires (which they had swapped).

As I said, I don't know if this works by experience yet. The headlights are going to show up tomorrow, so I should know more by then.

Please let me know if that works!
I had the same problem yesterday also. The white wire needed to go to yellow/green stripe and red to black/green. Also when looking for red/white stripe in fuse box their are numerous red/white and you need to probe around with tester. After finding the correct power source no problems and if you leave headlight switch in auto mode the angel eyes will light when locking and unlocking doors. If you put headlight switch in parking light mode you will get error on dash. GOOD LUCK.

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