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So I got mine covered under CPO. Took it in to dealer for oil service and told my SA about the hesitation in 6th and also jerking that I was having when in 1st and 2nd gear. They checked it out and said spark plugs needed changing (which I had to pay for). After they did that they said they test drove and said it still had issues so they checked intakes. My SA called me later and told me that it has an "impressive" amount of carbon buildup and that they are contacting BMW to see if they can cover it. Supposedly BMW wanted a fuel sample to ensure I was using the right fuel but my SA said he somehow got around sending a fuel sample (I use 93 but from Sam's Club). Then he said they agreed to cover it (still have no idea why but I didn't ask too many questions) and told me to stop using Sam's Club fuel and stick to top tier places. When I got the car back it felt so much better. No hesitation in 6th and the jerking is gone. Dunno if it was the plugs or the cleaning but according to dealer it was the cleaning.