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Originally Posted by holmes011 View Post
i have an e92
Then it should be a very easy swap and it should sound pretty much identical to a 335is.

Originally Posted by shortseller View Post
Agreed, the clamps thing for me is something that I would tend to worry about. Having it welded like a factory OEM part would be my thinking as well.
Yeah, it's how we are forced to do it for warranty purposes, but I don't like it. Not that they leak or anything -- they just look cheesy to me.

The thing that's really kept me from investing in the "is" muffler swap has been the performance gains, or lack of. A full downpipe-back system like HKS, ETS, etc. will give at least 10 rwhp for the effort, along with the sound. Plus you can keep your factory exhaust to go back to stock easily if you ever want to. I'm really loving the tone of the ETS system from the videos I've seen, so I might go this route instead.