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D'oh! Dealership! Of course - finally a good use for their meticulously overpriced parts and service!!

I called my insurance company (glass is covered but with an absurd $500 deductible) and they wanted to set me up with "Speedy Auto Glass" right away, no problem. I said I'd call them back, checked your posts here, and glad I did! Insurance company was giving me attitude about wanting a genuine BMW windshield... "car is older...blablabla" whatever. If I'm paying a freaking $500 deductible, I'm getting whatever the hell I want!!

So I called my dealership - "No problem. Tell them to call us. We'll let them know you're getting a genuine part. Don't worry."

Called Insurance back to cancel the Speedy appointment... wooweee were THEY cranky!! Ha. Argued with me for about 5 minutes over WHY I wanted to go to the dealership until they finally relented.

Sorry guys - you wanna charge me $500 for a $400 repair with Speedy auto then raise my rates? Hey, I know, how does "bite my ho-ho" sound, I just TRIPLED your bill AND I'm getting genuine parts.