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Originally Posted by wynnnj1977
My stock angel eye just went out. So I am looking to upgrade to Lux E90 V5.2. Here are my questions
1) Should I order it directly from the website (175 + shipping) and bring it to the place to install or just go to the place and let them order it and install? Which option is better?
2) Do you have any recommend for the place I should get it installed? I live in central New Jersey (Piscataway to be exact) and how much do they charge?

I don't have a garage and I have no tool to remove tire out (mine is 2006 330xi)

Please advise and thank you for your help,
I took the drive up to see Marc. He Installer my angel eyes and they're still running strong. If you're dead set on the lux take a road trip up To Connecticut And get them installed there. That's what I did and I am still very happy.

Just my two cents