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Originally Posted by BRGmatthew View Post
yes, there is a service bulletin for it. The dimming issue actually happened to me a few months ago and the dealer had replaced the whole housing for me on both taillights. BUT if OP is going in for the warped light tube or whatever, not sure what the dealer will do since that isnt part of the service bulletin that I think you are talking about.
Huh, interesting. Looked into the SB issue a bit more ( and it looks like it's a problem with solder joints on the LEDs. Which is, of course, relatively easy to fix, if the LED carrier PCBs weren't buried in adhesive-sealed plastic

Unfortunately, it looks like there's no sign of malfunction YET (so I can't make a play at getting them replaced), and worse it looks like they were checked off on in the CPO procedure, thus likely haven't ever been replaced.

Oh well, hopefully that problem just doesn't pop up. Guess I'll see about getting the one replaced.