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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Sure, gangbangers have mothers who want it all to stop. Not sure what you mean by their percentage is larger...

When parents of ALL socio-economic levels watch Newtown coverage, they see the victims and many think in the back of their mind, "oh my god, those children are no so different from my kids. That could be my Timmy." It's not like the school was in a bad part of town.

But, when parents watch coverage of bullet-riddled bodies carted out of a dark alley in the bad part of town, or being pulled from a blinged out Escalade, a much smaller group of them are still thinking "that could easily be my kid".

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and which wheel can squeak louder? 10 poor gang parents, or 100 other parents, maybe a few of whom might even golf at the same club as their local senator, or congressman, or news anchor?

While the actions of the crazy mass shooter are statistically less relevant than the gangbanger, the people whose attention he has drawn most definitely are not less influential.

Probably not. It's not the bigger numbers of gang deaths that draw initial attention, it's the mass shootings. Once they have their attention, they see the big number (due to combination with gang deaths), and it it fuels them even more. 12 months ago, many gangbangers were still dying, but nobody was crying for bans as much. Newtown was the tipping point. I bet if gang violence doubled over the last year, but there was no Newtown to pose a threat to the influential people, we wouldnt be having this conversation today.
I should have said i understand what you're saying but i was on the way out the door. I totally get why this is happening. A bunch of rich white kids were killed and people are pissed. It really is sad. My bone with the gov is listed in the pervious post.
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