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You guys know what I meant....."top scorer" being the likes of kyrie irving and jennings when they tried that in that short stretch. It was effective in those games yes, but not in the long term if you're also going to ask Kobe to score and play big minutes.

Maybe it was just another experiment they were trying or to compensate for Nash not being able to keep up with quick point guards, but should not be utilized during the whole game. Maybe in the 4th or in short stretches at best.

BTW, earl clark has given them some options on the defensive end. He has matched up with lebron and KD while also being matched up with smaller players.

Kobe will matchup with lebron and durant from time to time, but not the best option given the size difference. Oh and since Lebron has been mentioned....he could certainly guard the best guy on the other team most nights, but he typically doesn't until the 4th quarter so it doesn't tire him out.